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City Department (Alphabetical)

The Area Code for Hoyt Lakes is 218

Dept Phone
EMERGENCY:Police/Fire/AMB 911
Arena 225-2226
City Clerk's Office 225-2344
                   Toll Free 855-955-2344
                    Fax 225-2485
East Range Police Dept   
                    Non Emergency 225-2000
                    Fax 225-2292
Fire Department Office 225-2110
Fisherman's Point Office 225-3337
                    Off Season  225-2344
                    Online Reservations  
Golf Course Clubhouse 248-2006
Library 225-2412
                    Fax 225-2399
Public Works Department 225-2832
Wastewater Treatment Plant 225-2813
Water Treatment Plant 225-2812
Assessor: St. Louis County (218) 749-7147
Residential: Andrew Olson (218) 365-8208
Commercial: Ben Carlson (218) 365-8206


City Directory (Alphabetical by Title)

Area code for Hoyt Lakes is 218

Title/Dept Name Phone Email
Accounting Clerk Betsy Karkinen 225-2344 Email
EMS Director Melanie Olmstead 225-2110 Email
Animal Control Officer Jed Olmstead 750-1092  NA
Arena-Recreation Director Wayde West 225-2226  Email
Attorney Mitch Brunfelt  NA  NA
Blight Officer Jordan Hronoski (218) 410-8207 Email
City Administrator Becky Lammi 225-2344 Email
Deputy Clerk Tammy Snetsinger 225-2344 Email
ERPD Police Chief Tim Soular 225-2000 Email
Fire Chief Tony House 225-2110 Email
Golf Course-
Recreation Director 
Wayde West 248-2006 Email
Library Director Susan Sowers 225-2412 Email
Public Utilities Director Jake Berndt 225-2813 Email
Public Works Director Ken Snetsinger 225-2832 Email
State Electrical Inspector Jim Bjorklund 590-0861  
Zoning Officer Matt Royseth 290-9868 NA


City Boards & Commissions

Library Board

Ruth Armstrong / Sandy Nemanic / Sharon Nelson
Sarah Royseth / Holly Gross

Cable Television Commission

Ralph DeGrio / David Bodovinitz / Kathy Patchin

Planning Commission

Robert Lesnau / Mark Wick / Karen McNulty
Richard Wallace / Jim Armstrong

Cemetery Committee

Jan Butzke / Mary M. Stodola / Debbie Servaty / Bob Ross

Golf Commission

Dan Darbo / Pete Sandvig / Gene Maki / JR Kopp 

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