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Hummingbird      Eagle Family at Campground




Key for chart to the right:

M - Migration: Spring or Fall
S - Summer: June-July
W - Winter: December-February

c - Easy to see during season
o - Seen a few times during appropriate season.
r - Has been seen at least once during appropriate season.



The City of Hoyt Lakes is located in the Northeast corner of Minnesota, within the Superior National Forest.  The combination of Boreal forest, bog and water habitat make it an interesting area for bird watching.  During mid-May to early June, more than 100 species may be found in a single day.  In Winter, one should look for owls and migrants from the North.  In Summer, as many as 18 species of warbler nest here. 




Common Loon c c   Gray Jay c o c
Red-necked Grebe o     Blue Jay c c c
Horned Grebe c            
Pied-billed Grebe c c   Raven c c c
American White Pelican o     Crow c c o
Double-crested Cormorant c o   Black-capped chickadee c c c
American Bittern c o   Boreal  Chickadee r r r
Great Blue Heron c c   White-breasted Nuthatch c c c
Great Egret r     Red-breasted Nuthatch c c c
Cattle Egret r     Brown Creeper o r r
Tundra Swan o     House Wren c c  
Trumpeter Swan o     Winter Wren c c  
Snow Goose o     Sedge Wren o o  
Canada Goose c c   Marsh Wren r o  
Wood Duck c o          
Green-winged Teal c     Golden-crowned Kinglet o o  
Amer. Black Duck c o   Ruby-crowned Kinglet c o  
Mallard c c   Eastern Bluebird o o  
Northern Pintail r     Townsend's Solitaire r    
Blue-winged Teal c c   Varied Thrush r   r
Northern Shoveler o     Veery c c  
American Widgeon o o   Gray-cheeked Thrush o    
Canvasback r     Swainson's Thrush c o  
Redhead o o   Hermit Thrush c o  
Ring-necked Duck c c   American Robin c c o
Greater Scaup c     Gray Catbird c c  
Lesser Scaup c     Brown Thrasher o    
Common Goldeneye c o   Water Pipit c    
Bufflehead c     Bohemian Waxwing c   c
Hooded Merganser c c   Cedar Waxwing c c  
Common Merganser c c   European Starling c c c
Red-breasted Merganser c            
Turkey Vulture c o   Blue-headed Vireo c o  
N. Goshawk r r r Red-eyed Vireo c c  
Sharp-shinned Hawk c o   Philadelphia Vireo o    
Cooper's Hawk o     Warbling Vireo o o  
Broad-Winged Hawk c c   Golden-winged Warbler o o  
Red-tailed Hawk o o   Tennessee Warbler c r  
Rough-legged Hawk r   r Orange-crowned Warbler o    
Bald Eagle c c o Nashville Warbler c c  
Northern Harrier c o   Northern Parula o o  
Osprey c c   Yellow Warbler c o  
Amer.Kestrel c c   Chestnut-sided Warbler c c  
Merlin c c   Magnolia Warbler c c  
Ruffed Grouse c c c Cape May Warbler c    
Sandhill Crane o     Black-throated Blue Warbler r    
Sora o o   Black-throated Green Warbler c c  
Amer. Coot o     Yellow-rumped Warbler c o  
Killdeer c c   Blackburnian Warbler c c  
Semipalmated Plover o     Pine Warbler o o  
Amer. Woodcock c o   Palm Warbler c    
Common Snipe c c   Bay-breasted Warbler o    
Greater Yellowlegs o     Blackpoll Warbler o    
Lesser Yellowlegs o     Black-and-white Warbler c c  
Spotted Sandpiper c c   American Redstart c c  
Solitary Sandpiper o     Ovenbird c o  
Baird's Sandpiper r     Northern  Waterthrush o o  
Least Sandpiper o     Connecticut Warbler o o  
Dowitcher, Short-billed r     Mourning Warbler c c  
Garbled Godwit o     Common Yellowthroat c c  
Wilson's Phalarope r     Wilson's Warbler o    
Herring Gull c o   Canada Warbler o o  
Ring-billed Gull c c          
Bonaparte's Gull c     Scarlet Tanager o r  
Caspian Tern r     Northern Cardinal r   r
Black Tern r r   Rose-breasted Grosbeak c o  
Common Tern r     Indigo bunting o o  
Rock Dove c c c Evening Grosbeak c c c
Mourning Dove c c c Purple Finch c c o
Black-billed Cuckoo o o   House Finch o o r
        Pine Grosbeak c   c
Great Horned Owl o o o Hoary Redpoll o   o
Snowy Owl o   o Common Redpoll c   c
N.Hawk Owl o   o Pine Siskin c o c
Barred Owl o o o American Goldfinch c c o
Great Gray Owl o   o Red Crossbill o o o
Boreal Owl r     White-winged Crossbill o o o
Saw Whet Owl c r          
        Savannah Sparrow c c  
Whip-poor Will r     Vesper Sparrow o o  
Common Nighthawk c r   Dark-eyed Junco c   r
Chimney Swift o o   Tree Sparrow c    
Ruby-throated Humming bird c c   Chipping Sparrow c c  
Belted Kingfisher c c   Clay-colored Sparrow c c  
        Harris' Sparrow c    
Red-headed Woodpecker r r   White-crowned Sparrow c    
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker c c   White-throated Sparrow c c  
Downy Woodpecker c c c Fox Sparrow c    
Hairy Woodpecker c c c Lincoln's Sparrow c o  
Black-backed Woodpecker r r   Swamp Sparrow c c  
Northern Flicker c c   Song Sparrow c c  
Pileated Woodpecker c c o Lapland Longspur c    
Olive-sided Flycatcher r            
Eastern Wood-Peewee c o   Snow Bunting c   o
Alder Flycatcher c o          
Least Flycatcher  c c   Bobolink o o  
Eastern Phoebe c c   Redwinged Blackbird c c  
Great Crested Flycatcher c o   Eastern Meadowlark o o  
Eastern Kingbird c c   Yellow-headed Blackbird r r  
N. Shrike o   o Rusty Blackbird c    
        Brewer's Blackbird c o  
Horned Lark c     Common Grackle c c  
Purple Martin r r   Brown-headed Cowbird c c  
Tree Swallow c c   Baltimore Oriole c c  
N. Rough-winged Swallow o o   European House Sparrow c c c
Bank Swallow c c          
Cliff Swallow c c          
Barn Swallow c c          

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