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What is geocaching?

Geocaching is initiated by an individual hiding a cache, normally a waterproof container with small items inside, then recording the location with a GPS. The cache may be large or small, hidden in a hollow log, under an object, in the water, etc. but should not be buried. The individual then posts the GPS coordinates along with a description of the cache at Other individuals try to find the cache. When it is located, participants sign a log book, then take or leave a small item. They also post their find on the online logbook. 

Geocaching in Hoyt Lakes

Geocaching is permitted in City limits on public property. We ask that everyone observe all laws and respect property rights. Please contact City Hall before placing a cache.  

Basic geocaching rules & ethics

  * Never remove a cache or relocate it even a little bit. Leave the cache exactly how you found it so others can have the fun of     finding it too. 
  * Observe all laws and respect property rights.
  * Be considerate of others and avoid causing disruptions.
  * Hiding/finding a geocache should never alter, damage, or otherwise negatively impact the parks, trails, or surrounding

Geocaching Links

For more information, Click on a Geocaching link below:

Minnesota DNR Geocaching

Minnesota Geocaching Association





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