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CCC Camp

Civilian Conservation Corps

Built between 1936 -1942 by the Partridge River Civilian Conservation Corps, Steven Chambers was often called a CCC Camp.  The Corps was an important facet of a large public works program following the Depression of the late 1920's and early 1930's. The purpose of the program was to provide employment for thousands of idle young men in meaningful and worthwhile forestry, conservation and park projects. The camp consisted of about 200 men who worked a five day, forty hour week. The men recieved food, shelter, clothing and a base pay of $30 per month - $25 of which was sent home to their parents. 

Accomplishments of the CCC Camp in this area included tree planting, fire fighting activities, the construction of fire lookout towers and also stocking fish in area lakes.  (Excerpts from the Hoyt Lakes 50th Anniversary Book). 


Steps from Lake                View to Lake From Pavilion

Steven Chambers Today - 73 Years Later

In the summer of 2015, Minnesota Power, Lakehead Constructors, the City of Hoyt Lakes and many local volunteers partnered to restore the pavilion by installing a new roof, replacing deteriorated logs, staining the pavilion and improving access to Colby Lake. 

Thanks to the generous donations and hard work of the above listed companies and volunteers, the Steven Chambers building will continue to be a site for community scouting trips, weekend camping and outdoor recreation. 


   New Steps on Pavilion      Pavilion View from Lake  





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