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 2018 Public Notices are listed below by date of publication.

Click on the description to view the full notice. 


   Publication Date    Public Notice Description


11/5/18 November Council Meeting Change to Tuesday, November 13th
11/4/18 Job Opportunity: Part Time Administrative Clerk
10/28/18 Public Accuracy Test 
 10/22/18 Calendar Parking Regulations
10/22/18 Leaf Removal - Bag & Bring to Recycle Center. Do Not Rake or Blow Leaves into Streets or Gutters as this Clogs Storm Drains 
10/15/18 Election Day Voter Registration
10/15/18 Absentee Voting Hours for General Election
10/15/18 Hoyt Lakes Memorial Cemetery Rules Re:Removal of Items for Winter
10/7/18 Economic Development Authority Public Hearing Notice
10/8/18 Proclamation Recognizing National Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Day
10/8/18 Sample Ballot for General Election
10/01/18 October Council Meeting Date Change
9/17/18 Are Your Registered for the General Election on November 6?
9/17/18 Absentee Voting for General Election 
9/10/18 Board of Adjustment Hearing
9/10/18 Zoning Permits Required for New Construction - Even if not Attached
8/21/18 Planning Commission Vacancy
8/24/18 Arena Ice Available to Rent
8/21/18 Golf Carts Public Hearing
8/21/18 Fisherman's Point Campground 2019 Seasonal Site
8/21/18 Help Stop Deliberate Destruction of Public Property In & Around City Parks
8/6/18 2018 City of Hoyt Lakes Special Archery Deer Hunt
7/30/18 Archery Hunt Information
7/30/18 Public Accuracy Test for Primary Election
7/30/18 BAM Bike Race
7/30/18 Recreational Fires
7/30/18 Golf Course Clubhouse Phone Number Change
7/30/18 Notice of Primary Election
7/23/18 Lots for Sale
7/23/18 ERPD PT Administrative Assistant Job Opportunity
7/23/18 Beach not open during Water Carnival
7/23/18 Primary Absentee Voting
7/9/18 Filing for City Offices 7/31/18-8/14/18
7/2/18 Are you registered for the Primary Election on August 14, 2018?
6/11/18 Re-Zone R-5 to R-3 Leeds
6/11/18 House Numbers to Aid in Emergency Situations
 6/4/18 Birch Cove Beach Hours
5/31/18 Blight Reminder
5/21/18 May 28 to May 29 Council Meeting Change 
4/23/18 Part Time/Seasonal Recreation Employment
4/10/18 Combination Specialist II Position Opening
4/9/18 Fisherman's Point Open Date
4/2/18 Local Board of Appeal & Equalization
4/2/18 Part Time/Seasonal Employment
3/12/18 Fish House Removal from Fisherman's Point
2/26/18 Snow in Streets
2/26/18 Calendar Parking Regulations
2/26/18 Resident assistance to clear fire hydrants of snow
2/20/18 Fisherman's Point Campground Reservations
 1/15/18 Utility Billing Rate Increase to $88.00 for 2018








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