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Arena Sign

To have a message put on the Arena Sign, please view the below Electronic Sign Guidelines (also summarized below)

Electronic Sign Guidelines

A minimum of 48-hours notice will be required 

   A fee of $5 per day, per message, needs to be paid in advance
   For more advance design work, a one-time set up fee of $10 may be charged

Messages can be requested by the following:
   Call the Library at 225-2412 or City Hall at 225-2344
   Email: or
   Complete Electronic Sign Request Form: Electronic Sign Request Form


No content of the City's electronic sign may violate copyright or in any way infringe on trademark laws. If permission is needed to display an image, the department or individual supplying the image is responsible for supplying documentation. 

The Communications Team reserves the right to determine what content is displayed and to determine the duration, dates and times content is displayed. 

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