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2021-2022 Animal License

Animal Licensing supports the cost of animal control within the City of Hoyt Lakes. A benefit of having your pet licensed is if a dog or cat is lost and someone finds it, they can call the Animal Control Officer or City Clerk's office, provide the animal's license number, and we can provide the owner's contact information so the pet can be returned.  

Animal Licenses are available to purchase in person or by mail. The cost is $25 for a two year license.

In Person: Bring a current rabies vaccination certificate to City Hall. Licenses will not be issued without a current rabies vaccination certificate. 

By Mail: Complete the Animal License Application and mail to City Hall along with the current rabies vaccination certificate and payment to:  
                             City of Hoyt Lakes
                      206 Kennedy Memorial Drive
                          Hoyt Lakes, MN 55750

Impoundment Fee  $25.00/day
Late Fee                 $10.00/license

Animal Control is on Facebook! Click HERE to see information on animals we are currently housing at our dog pound.

Contact Animal Control Officer Jed Olmstead with animal related issues at (218) 750-1092.

Contact City Hall with questions about animal licenses at (218) 225-2344.




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