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2020 Resolutions are listed below.

Click on the Resolution No. to view the full Resolution. 


Resolution No.          Resolution

2020 - 001 Resolution Authorizing Execution of a Limited Use Permit Between the City of Hoyt Lakes and the Commissioner of Transportation, State of Minnesota
 2020 - 002 Resolution Authorizing Conveyance of Real Estate - On File with City Clerk
 2020 - 003 Resolution Authorizing Conveyance of Real Estate - On File with City Clerk
2020 - 004 Resolution Authorizing the Issuance, Sale and Delivery of a $326,000 Temporary General Obligation
Utility Revenue Note, Series 2020A - On File with City Clerk
2020 - 005 Resolution Accepting Resignation and Declaring a Vacancy on the Hoyt Lakes City Council 
2020 - 006 Resolution Appointing Election Judges for the 2020 Presidential Nomination Primary, Primary and
General Election
2020 - 007 Resolution Authorizing the City of Hoyt Lakes to Make Application to, Accept Funds from and Act as Legal Sponsor to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources 2020 Outdoor Recreation Grant Program for the Fisherman's Point Restroom Facility and Playground Project
2020 - 008 Resolution Authorizing Execution of Easement (On file with City Clerk)

2020 - 009

Resolution to Submit a Grant Application to the Legislative Commission on Minnesota Resources (LCCMR) Environment and Natural Resources and Trust Fund to Design and Upgrade a Multi-Use Trail System on the East Iron Range


2020 - 010

A resolution authorizing the negotiation, execution, and delivery of Governmental Lease-Purchase Agreement No. 008-0730735-301 dated March 17, 2020 (the “Lease”), in principal amount not to exceed $19,881.95, between City of Hoyt Lakes, 206 Kennedy Memorial Drive, Hoyt Lakes, MN 55750 and TCF National Bank, 1111 West San Marnan Dr, Suite A2 West, Waterloo, IA 50701-8926; and prescribing other details in connection therewith. (On file with City Clerk)

2020 - 011 Resolution Declaring a Local Emergency Due to the Ongoing Pandemic Involving the Coronavirus, also Referred to as COVID-19.

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