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2018 Resolutions are listed below.

Click on the Resolution No. to view the full Resolution. 


Resolution No.          Resolution

 2018 - 001 Resolution Authorizing the Issuance, Sale and Delivery of a $554,000 Temporary General Obligation Utility Revenue Note, Series 2018A
 2018 - 002  A Resolution Accepting the Facility Plan Amendment for Mercury Removal Including an Equalization Basin at the Wastewater Treatment Facility
 2018 - 003 A Resolution Accepting the Phase 3 Facility Rehabilitation Project at the Wastewater Treatment Facility
 2018 - 004  A Resolution Authorizing Sponsorship of Moose ATV Trail
 2018 - 005  A Resolution Supporting the PolyMet NorthMet Project and the Issuance of State Permits

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